Monday, October 25, 2010

[grhk026-3] Varios Artistas - Compilado 026-3

Format: 320Kbps MP3
Cover Art by Federico Massarino
Master by Marcos C.

01. Bruno Monteverde - Garabatos (09´17)
02. YEP - 2nda Opcion (08´26)
03. Kliniko - Enjoy Ur Gdm (13´21)
04. RuLo - 1.3 (07´06)
05. Kembou - Idea 4 (06´54)
06. Tinitus - Grrr (09´12)
07. Edunetto - Sweet Resistance (06´33)

[grhk026-4] Varios Artistas - Compilado 026-4

Format: 320Kbps MP3
Cover Art by Federico Massarino
Master by Marcos C.

01. Matias Muten - Maiz (06´10)
02. Arturo Hernandez - Tres y el foco (07´27)
03. Marcos Coya - Stepping Around (08´07)
04. Fran - Night Skin (06´00)
05. Neurus - Nou mor mix (08´23)
06. Marcos Hecht - Reveleishon (05´56)
07. Javiunder - Deepest (06´55)

[qbs-014] Rog - Blue Aura EP

From New York arrives our friend Rog, he likes to explore with Detroit techno, deep house and even minimal techno. His basic idea is doing good sexy and funky music something that make you move have to get it and feed your ipod ...

Format: mp3 - ogg
MP3 - 80.1 MB
OGG - 114.6 MB

1. Blue River
2. Rain Forest
3. Dub Kirtana
4. Water


Thursday, September 9, 2010

to all my followers

I would like to thank all my followers of this blog! Without you showing your support of this blog, I would not keep going. With that said... I would like to focus a bit more attention to old skool jungle music as it is one of my fave genres. My last mix has recieved an overwhelling number of downloads so I would Like to pos up older tunes for you to listen to along with weekly mixes. Is this a good idea for this blog? Send me your comments!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

DJ J.Fever Presents: Golden Era Junglist Massive 1

For all of you into the original Jungle music... I bring you the classics! Featuring jungle classics from 93' to modern era jungle! Crank up the bass, and watch the ride! Respect to my original Junglist era massive!

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

the summer

Ive been kicking back and chilling to some original old skool/underground hip hop mixtapes and trying to keep myself from being stressed out about this fucked up economy. 3 to 4 years ago when I got stressed out from lack of money and other things, I used to kick back and listen to mixtapes all day. From digging in my old cassette collection of recorded rap songs off college radio to the hundreds of CD's ive burned to stick in my CDJ's to mix with. I have found a way to beat the stess: Mixtapes! If you dont know by now: I have been banned from posting any new mixtapes until July 21st becuase of the popularity of my mixtapes have been driving up the website traffic and blowing up my allowed broadband. I will be posting up some freestyle mixtapes here: (If you go to the site now you can download the Black Coffee V1 freestyle mixtape I just did a sec ago!) Also, As you know. Im trying to be the #1 most downloaded hip hop DJ on but I still enjoy downloading original underground hip hop mixtapes that is an actual MIX tape and is heard the original way: mixed and hosted by a REAL DJ!! If your listening to a "mixtape" but, there isnt a natural blend from track to track, and isnt hosted by a REAL DJ then you are not listening to a mixtape and you got ripped off!! Here is a link to other current mixtape DJ's in the game that I am downloading and listening to during the summer times: DJ StickEM: DJ Dug Boogie: Stuck In The Past: DJ UnderGround: Lets not forget my favorite! DJ Apollo Treed: (Ive been listening to this for over a year now!!)