Saturday, October 24, 2009

Roberto Clementi - I knew it [unfound44]

Here is an EP that caters to more deep & Dubby Techno/House music.

A this particular moment, I see alot of Net audio artists going in this direction. So, look for my upcoming mixes to cater more to this style!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

DJ J.Fever Presents: Dubtronica Sessions Podcast

I just finished another studio set. This one features nearly all Dub Techno music, and is very relaxing to listen to!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lump - 3 feet down and sinking EP [txtn015]

Here is another EP released from the past that I really enjoy! Its very glitchy and mimimal. Yet, it has alot of short sub bass stabs and sounds in each track to keep it sounding intresting!

Check it out for yourself:

Alex Q- Wake Up EP [NORE-013]

This was released back in 07' and seems to be a very promising EP for those into Dub Techno music.

There is one thing I must make clear about this EP though.... I like the EP, but feel the second track "Park Bench Stories" does not fit in the release. It just sounds like electronic music doodlings that tries to come off a 'kinda minimal techno-ish' vibe. But all the rest of the tracks off this release are spectacular, and great for a cafe' environment setting! All tracks (but the one I strongly felt that it shouldnt have been on the EP) are very mellow, and create a headnob atmospheric sense of ambience to them. Its hard finding dub techno tracks that are quite melodic due to alot of artists using ambiant samples and just droning the whole environment with very bold bass that screams through the mix of the track.

Download it here:

DJ J.Fever Presents: The Autumn Dub Special Mix

Here's a lil' mix I did for all those regularly checking out the Dubtronic Soundscapes Blog. This mix is something I recorded for those enjoying the fall season. It's something a little more relaxed and dubby then the mixes I have been doing in the past 2 months.
Download Here:
Stay locked, I will be posting up more Autumn mixes featuring Dub Techno music from various DJ's coming soon!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big ups to Slobodan Jukic for following DS!

I would like to give another big ups to Slobodan Jukic for following this blog! I will make sure I keep you posted with quality Netaudio from some of the best Netlabels I can find!

I will be giving you a shoutout on my next upcoming podcast aswell!!

[inoquo050] Various Artists - kvindek - October - 2009 - Techno-Релизы -

[inoquo050] Various Artists - kvindek - October - 2009 - Techno-Релизы - "[inoquo050] Various Artists - kvindek

Released: 12/10/2009
Label: Inoquo
Style: Minimal-Techno

We are proud to present our new compilation with some nice minimal tunes.
01 sr. click - tamagotchi (16.0 Mb)
02 hermético - nueva fórmula (14.0 Mb)
03 monokao - en casa de Paola (16.0 Mb)
04 saccobros - modular (17.0 Mb)
05 grau - miles (19.0 Mb)
06 manuel romero - mercurio (15.0 Mb)
07 project swirl - forehead (14.0 Mb)
08 licuadora system - fiftyfunk (13.0 Mb)"

Thanks to Dan Druff for being my first blog follower!

Yes, big ups!! I hope you enjoy the posts I create on here for your enjoyment, and hope you stay a happy follower of the Dubtric Soundscapes Blogsphere!

I will be giving you a shoutout on my next weekly podcast!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

DJ J.Fever Presents: Dubtronica Sessions Podcast

I just finished recording a brand new mix that is up on my podcast that all of you can check out! The mix features some minimal techno, mixed with some ambient house, deep techno, and some dubtronica of course!

Every mix I do is around 58 minutes long (so it can possibly be burned to disc) , and is immedietly mastered by me. I do all the engineering (recording the mix and making sure everything sounds fine throughout the mix while also adding live SFX, etc...) and the mastering (normalising the whole mix so you wont have to turn the music up or down as the mix is being played on your earbuds, speakers,etc. ) . This takes atleast an extra 30 to 40 minutes to do after the mix is finished. I mix all the tracks live using my CDJ's (Stanton C.324's) and using a DJ software that is free to use for all called Mixxx (google it,its worth it!) I dont do any cheat mixing' (adding SFX over bad mixes, going back and re-editing how I mixed a certain track.) Long story short.... This podcast is very proffesional sounding!!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Zulusas - Inner EP [knob010]

Deep and mellow Dub Techno inspired EP here from Zulusas. This release is for a special one year anniversary from the Netlabel Knob Recordings. This EP entitled "Inner" is a deep sounding record, that takes you on a relaxed and mellow vibe that can get a bit dancy ("Flow") while still keeping that minimal yet dubby aesthetic.

Download for yourself and see what you think:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009