Monday, October 25, 2010

[grhk026-3] Varios Artistas - Compilado 026-3

Format: 320Kbps MP3
Cover Art by Federico Massarino
Master by Marcos C.

01. Bruno Monteverde - Garabatos (09´17)
02. YEP - 2nda Opcion (08´26)
03. Kliniko - Enjoy Ur Gdm (13´21)
04. RuLo - 1.3 (07´06)
05. Kembou - Idea 4 (06´54)
06. Tinitus - Grrr (09´12)
07. Edunetto - Sweet Resistance (06´33)

[grhk026-4] Varios Artistas - Compilado 026-4

Format: 320Kbps MP3
Cover Art by Federico Massarino
Master by Marcos C.

01. Matias Muten - Maiz (06´10)
02. Arturo Hernandez - Tres y el foco (07´27)
03. Marcos Coya - Stepping Around (08´07)
04. Fran - Night Skin (06´00)
05. Neurus - Nou mor mix (08´23)
06. Marcos Hecht - Reveleishon (05´56)
07. Javiunder - Deepest (06´55)

[qbs-014] Rog - Blue Aura EP

From New York arrives our friend Rog, he likes to explore with Detroit techno, deep house and even minimal techno. His basic idea is doing good sexy and funky music something that make you move have to get it and feed your ipod ...

Format: mp3 - ogg
MP3 - 80.1 MB
OGG - 114.6 MB

1. Blue River
2. Rain Forest
3. Dub Kirtana
4. Water


Thursday, September 9, 2010

to all my followers

I would like to thank all my followers of this blog! Without you showing your support of this blog, I would not keep going. With that said... I would like to focus a bit more attention to old skool jungle music as it is one of my fave genres. My last mix has recieved an overwhelling number of downloads so I would Like to pos up older tunes for you to listen to along with weekly mixes. Is this a good idea for this blog? Send me your comments!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

DJ J.Fever Presents: Golden Era Junglist Massive 1

For all of you into the original Jungle music... I bring you the classics! Featuring jungle classics from 93' to modern era jungle! Crank up the bass, and watch the ride! Respect to my original Junglist era massive!

Check out these links for more on myself and please SUBSCRIBE, SPREAD WORD, EMAIL THIS MIX TO FRIENDS AND FAM!!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

the summer

Ive been kicking back and chilling to some original old skool/underground hip hop mixtapes and trying to keep myself from being stressed out about this fucked up economy. 3 to 4 years ago when I got stressed out from lack of money and other things, I used to kick back and listen to mixtapes all day. From digging in my old cassette collection of recorded rap songs off college radio to the hundreds of CD's ive burned to stick in my CDJ's to mix with. I have found a way to beat the stess: Mixtapes! If you dont know by now: I have been banned from posting any new mixtapes until July 21st becuase of the popularity of my mixtapes have been driving up the website traffic and blowing up my allowed broadband. I will be posting up some freestyle mixtapes here: (If you go to the site now you can download the Black Coffee V1 freestyle mixtape I just did a sec ago!) Also, As you know. Im trying to be the #1 most downloaded hip hop DJ on but I still enjoy downloading original underground hip hop mixtapes that is an actual MIX tape and is heard the original way: mixed and hosted by a REAL DJ!! If your listening to a "mixtape" but, there isnt a natural blend from track to track, and isnt hosted by a REAL DJ then you are not listening to a mixtape and you got ripped off!! Here is a link to other current mixtape DJ's in the game that I am downloading and listening to during the summer times: DJ StickEM: DJ Dug Boogie: Stuck In The Past: DJ UnderGround: Lets not forget my favorite! DJ Apollo Treed: (Ive been listening to this for over a year now!!)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

[Noisybeat020] Bist - Bist

Genre: Ambient Techno


[SSR078G] 6502kru - Basics

Here is a worthy release for all you netlabel heads out there to enjoy listening to:

Genre: Tech-House

DJ J.Fever Presents: Liquid Gravity Studio Mix

This is a special studio mix that I put together for those who like having a drink and chilling out whilist listening to some Dub Techno Music! I carefully chose each track to create the perfect mood for those who have had a stressful work week.

Jobs are scarce. Jobs are hard. Why listen to hard techno music when you know that Netaudio dub techno music can make you calm?

Go here to download this exclusive my from myself:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

DJ J.Fever Presents: Spring Rain Studio Mix 2010

This is a special mix that I put together for the sake of those who get bored during the rainy days in the spring season. This is a kind of chilled and melodic mix that focuses on dub techno and bits of diffrent forms of loungy downtempo music. Download and share to all your friends!

-DJ J.Fever

Download Link:

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Netlabel Reviews:

Hakan Libdo-Tech Couture Vol.2 LP

1. Mr. Gay Soviet: This track is too minimal and tongue and cheek for my taste.

2. Hypocrites: This track is also a bit minimal but luckly the artist makes this a bit more intresting by adding some glitchy sounds in the mix. This is perfect for one of those one off tracks to be included in a mix.

3.Bums Up: I like this one alot. Hakan keeps it really intresting with the sound of someone whispiring. The the breakdown on this song is also intresting as the melody kind of breaks up a bit while hearing some sinewave noises.

4. Unknown body cavities: The drums on this track are a tad bit annoying, but captures a minimal, glitchy, and yet funky sound. This sounds like minimal techno with a twisted vibe and funky beat.

5. Anti funk: This track has a wierd off 4/4 beat sound and uses twisted sounding synths that move in a diagonal way.

6. Klangstudie 3: More minimal glitchy experimentation with 4/4 timing and subtle twitchy sounds. Sounds like a robot having a stroke.

7. Sling fish: This one sounds as wierd as the title of the track with its slight 80's vibe. Im not feeling this track though...

8.Kryptonite: This track his minimal techno with subtle 8-bit sounding pads. This is a very spaced out track that comes together in a slight funky vibe with the deep bassline. This is a good standout track to include in a mix!

9. Art Brut: No here is a track to include in your setlist at a nightclub! It has that classic minimal vibe. And its got that nice banging beat to it!

10. Brown Noising: Nice name for a title to a track that will jack up any dance! Im liking this alot. The sounds move from left to right and the the beat has a slight hesitation from the bassline hugging the the beat.

The beginning of this release was on a slightly trippy, yet straightforeward minimal techno vibe. But due to the latter tracks, this was worth my time.


Sobamonk- Minimize EP

1. Out of sync: I like this track alot! Nice melody. the choice on drums for this track are pretty good. And overall, this is a perfect track to spin in a small lounge.

2. Minimize: This track has an intresting bell sample that slowly fades out and leaves you with just the drums and bass. The entire arrangment is very catchy!

3. Raum Gem: Once again Sobamonk continues his tradition of funky basslines with catchy notes that bounce up and down as the beat lays down the foundation! I like how Sobamonk doesnt clutter up any of his songs.

4. Minimize (Rico Puestel Remix): The remix to the original sounds raw. Rico adds a more subby sounding kickdrum and just leaves you with that and some fancy hi hat placements and tripped out sfx.

5. Out of sync (Santiago Matzerath's Petit Remix) Santiago makes the reworking of this sound kinda tribal with usage from the bongos and including a smooth rolling bassline that makes this track sound like a sexy, more loungy kind of tech-house joint.I like how This tracks melody moves from side to side instead of straight up and down.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

[BMD006] Symann - Meet The Hole EP

Deep and gloomy micro sessions with Symann from Synaptic for our spring edition on the deep side.

01 Symann - Meet The Hole 4:18 9.9 MB
02 Symann - Lip Candy 6:15 14.0 MB
03 Symann - Thin Line (Interlude) 4:57 11.0 MB

Size: 35.0 MB


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dubtronica sessions radio

I will be live on 1213 radio this Sunday night @ 9pm est. Broadcasting live netlabel music! Go here to listen:
hit me up via Twitter for more info or requests:

[bump126] Sequential 3 - In The Key of 3

"In The Key of 3" is a more laidback and funky, 3 track EP. "Hip To Know" Part 1 and 2 are trip-hop oriented keys, while MidiYoke is a deep house one (that's the reason this EP is placed on bump side).

Track list:
Hip To Know Part 1 (3:33)
Hip To Know Part 2 (4:29)
MidiYoke (5:12)

MP3, total time 13:14, total size 30.2MB


[dig035] Blurix - The Next Day EP

Avantgardesque ... maybe that should be the word - for new style. Combination of experimental melodies, warp-ish percussions and straight 4x4 kicks. Deep and shallow in the same time ... not too deep to boring, and not too shallow to be tooltype techno. We here at Diggarama house of eclecticism like to say that boundaries are made to be broken, jumped over, run over and thrown in the air and then kicked to be out of the way.
The Next Day EP is so far over the boundaries of anything similar relased on Diggarama so far ... Another high quality stuff that reaches from the rhythm machines and synths over to your brain and plays some wicked and awesome piano lines through the entire EP. Put your mind to motion ... in this release it's all about the feelings.

1. The Morning After (8:19)
2. The Noon After (7:11)
3. The Evening After (8:23)

Size: 54 MB


Tooltech - March 2010 dj set [promo]

After my latest podcast release at clacson flow you can download another exclusive recording from me. its my march promo. minimal to techno with melodic brakes and vocal parts

1 Living for the Time (Original Mix) Mauro Picotto
2 Incest (Original Mix) Matteo Spedicati and Joseph Capriati
3 Dark Rickzor
4 Numero Uno (Digital Only) Adam Beyer
5 Zeitsprung (Original Mix) Harry Axt
6 Bitscream Heiko Laux
7 ChonChon Joel Mull
8 Kaliber 16 b1 Kaliber
9 2 Voices Harry Axt
10 Triflon Chris Liebing & Speedy J
11 A The Tribe Marco Carola
12 Diamond (Mark Broom's Glide Mix) Mauro Picotto
13 Only Hardcell

60 min - 128 bpm


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

[alw036] Peter Clamat - Usual Situations EP

The artist visit the area at Vogesen in the east of France to produce this EP. He grabbed some of his studio equipment and drove with some friends to the nature. The city boy Peter Clamat was inspired by this charme of a village. In this unique even seclusion he created the sound of Usual Situation EP. The very special studio ambience was one of the main sources of the extraordinarily transparent and airy sound of the EP. Also enjoy the great video by Jörg X. Franzmann (Perlon) and Annette Sihler for the track Tantomal (Stockholm).

1. Tantomal (Stockholm) [08:42]
2. Tradition Falloff (Barcelona) [08:10]
3. Jurancon (Intl.) [08:24]
4. Tantalus Quantalus (Copenhagen) [08:18]


Big ups to sri sarcastic for following this blog!

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully download exciting mixes from myself along with some of the fantastic Netlabel music I have to offer from a variety of labels. I hope you invite others to this blog using twitter/email/facebook/etc and keep the netlabel dub techno flame alive!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Morning Touches / Nameless Dancers [foot133]

It's winter for northern hemisphere, but here comes hot summer. Morning Touches - the second release by Nameless Dancers - will take us to a vacance in tropic. A mixture of lounge music and smooth house tunes.

◦Recorded: December 2009 - January 2010 at White Art Studio (Moscow)
◦All music by Nameless Dancers and EugeneKha
◦Produced by EugeneKha


Atmosphere (February'10) Guest mix - Grit

Pt.1 Download:

Part 2 : Endwise and k1Lka

1. Luke Hess - City Light [Modelisme Records]
2. Grit - Auto Pilot [Statik Entertainment]
3. Luke Hess - The Way [Echocord]
4. Intrusion - De Natura Return (Intrusion Mix) [Echospace]
5. Luke Hess - Meaning Matters (Mikkel Metal Remix) [Echocord]
6. Grit - Traction [Statik Entertainment]
7. Luke Hess - Renewal (Looped By A.O.S.) [fxhe records]
8. Brock Van Wey (aka Bvdub) - Forever A Stranger (Intrusion Shape IV) [echospace detroit]
9. DJ Koze - Bodenweich [Kompakt]
10. Luke Hess - Motor Dub [FXHE Records]
11. Brock Van Wey (aka Bvdub) - A Gentle Hand To Hold [echospace detroit]
12. Bvdub - Lest You Forget [Quietus Recordings]
13. Atheus - Adagio For Drone [Ghost Sounds]

Download Pt.2:

Nafesto - Double Entendre Tech House Mix

Mix from DJ Nefesto from Pulsar Records.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

DJ J.Fever Presents: Dubtronic Sessions Podcast

Here is my latest mix featuring some of the best current Netlabel music spanning genres like: Dub/Minimal/ambient/house influenced techno music. I recorded this mix without any of my usual intro banterings or 'dubtronic jingles' that I usually add in my mixes.

Sit back. Bre

w some coffee or tea. And enjoy this exlusive deep mix from myself, DJ J.Fever!


Gr-oys [Just a Walk in The Dark EP] Mac-Trax'x Records

A Deep Tech-house release from Gr-oy( Gregory Calay ). Just a Walk in The Dark ep is Gr-oys first release and indeed Mac-Trax'x also.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sphyraena EP (ME002)



microtechhousminimalshit [swm097]

Minimal Tech-House Netlabel mix

1.DML & Holger Leger – Subconscious [gftnet004]
2.tom teel – entf wreaks mikadomix [labrec003]
3.deymare – rocket fraged rmx [art027]
4.Nicolas Ovalle – And Then [alw023]
5.Moise – When i Walk [adr16]
6.PNFA – polybean [art028]
7.elexx – Space Shuttle [AVXMP3006]
8.Briquet – Lies [intox035]
9.PHVSR – metro [MDF01]
10.Brett Knacksen – Bakterien Fuer Eure Seelen [IDEAL015]
11.Dataman – Nonsense [com06]
12.Drum’n'Space LP – Oeler – Bass Engine [DCC4]
13.Bertech – Blocked [Miga23]
14.Moog Control – New Waves [miniatura024]
15.marko fuerstenberg – hinterher und doch daneben [stadt005]
16.mihai popoviciu – minaret [foem16-p2]
17.moho – zu fuss [dplnet012]
18.Maurizio Vitiello – CAUTION! rattlesnakes [MLR003]
19.jemset – invitation [dbdf039]
20.Hiroshi Oki – Unagui [Antiritmo011]
21.rob keens – entry [stadt001]
22.MarkStone – Puebla [Toolz009]
23.deadbone – swing club time bonus [fud005]

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Purple Lounge

This is a compilation of current DJ mixes for those into Dub/Ambient/Minimal Techno & House music.

[ecdr podcast 25] Spirit catcher

[deeprhythms guestmix39] Daniel Paul - Take your shoes off

[SSRDJ-MIX012G] Tooltech - Liveset 2010-02-15 Research Lesson

DeepinDub Podcast 013

Monday, March 8, 2010

[mK19] Bobo Lo - Love Forest EP

Im feeling this release alot from Bobo Lo. I especially like the first track off his EP called "Love Forest" , in which it starts out so mellow, yet so melodic. For those of you who also read my other blog Tapes From Tha Reaper. Know that I like my music on the mellow and melodic side!

Track 2 starts off very slow and ambient. The track slowly morphs into something drone like, yet has a catchy soft off-beat to it.

The 3rd track entitled "Calm shake" is very tribal and ambient sounding Techno. This one is good for just waking up or when you are relaxing with your favorite cup of tea. So far this looks to be my favorite track off the EP.

I actually decided to listen to the 3rd track in its entirety before begenning my listen to the remix treatment of the the first track on this album from Bobo Lo. This track however is much more spaced out and kinda dubby from the original mix of this track. I would prefer the previous version over this one due to to its energy lacking formulation.
This is a very good EP for anyone looking to be in a meditative state of mind whilist listening to some ambient Techno music.

Taktalsmittel Labelmix (mixed by ORG) - Straight meets Breakz

Side 1 - Minimal, House and Techno
Ronan Dec-Amplitude
Sascha Mueller - Flatsbee
Microfluid - Alone
Matthias Heiderich - Helloplum
Schaua - A mad desease

Side 2 - Downbeat, Breakbeat and Abstract
ORG - Frau Gorbatschowa in der Nacht
Summer - Nachts um halb 2
Ronan Dec. - Hypnotized
Matthias Heiderich - Wall
Hardbass MX - Deadly venom
ORG - Smooth Redds

Format: 320Kbps MP3
Run time: 59:50
Size: 137 MB

Sunday, January 24, 2010

More mixes and posts coming really soon...

Sorry, I have had to take a vacation from the world of Netlabel Techno to get some of my music projects recorded and sent out!

Stay locked everyone, more goodness to come!!