Monday, March 8, 2010

[mK19] Bobo Lo - Love Forest EP

Im feeling this release alot from Bobo Lo. I especially like the first track off his EP called "Love Forest" , in which it starts out so mellow, yet so melodic. For those of you who also read my other blog Tapes From Tha Reaper. Know that I like my music on the mellow and melodic side!

Track 2 starts off very slow and ambient. The track slowly morphs into something drone like, yet has a catchy soft off-beat to it.

The 3rd track entitled "Calm shake" is very tribal and ambient sounding Techno. This one is good for just waking up or when you are relaxing with your favorite cup of tea. So far this looks to be my favorite track off the EP.

I actually decided to listen to the 3rd track in its entirety before begenning my listen to the remix treatment of the the first track on this album from Bobo Lo. This track however is much more spaced out and kinda dubby from the original mix of this track. I would prefer the previous version over this one due to to its energy lacking formulation.
This is a very good EP for anyone looking to be in a meditative state of mind whilist listening to some ambient Techno music.

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