Saturday, May 1, 2010


Netlabel Reviews:

Hakan Libdo-Tech Couture Vol.2 LP

1. Mr. Gay Soviet: This track is too minimal and tongue and cheek for my taste.

2. Hypocrites: This track is also a bit minimal but luckly the artist makes this a bit more intresting by adding some glitchy sounds in the mix. This is perfect for one of those one off tracks to be included in a mix.

3.Bums Up: I like this one alot. Hakan keeps it really intresting with the sound of someone whispiring. The the breakdown on this song is also intresting as the melody kind of breaks up a bit while hearing some sinewave noises.

4. Unknown body cavities: The drums on this track are a tad bit annoying, but captures a minimal, glitchy, and yet funky sound. This sounds like minimal techno with a twisted vibe and funky beat.

5. Anti funk: This track has a wierd off 4/4 beat sound and uses twisted sounding synths that move in a diagonal way.

6. Klangstudie 3: More minimal glitchy experimentation with 4/4 timing and subtle twitchy sounds. Sounds like a robot having a stroke.

7. Sling fish: This one sounds as wierd as the title of the track with its slight 80's vibe. Im not feeling this track though...

8.Kryptonite: This track his minimal techno with subtle 8-bit sounding pads. This is a very spaced out track that comes together in a slight funky vibe with the deep bassline. This is a good standout track to include in a mix!

9. Art Brut: No here is a track to include in your setlist at a nightclub! It has that classic minimal vibe. And its got that nice banging beat to it!

10. Brown Noising: Nice name for a title to a track that will jack up any dance! Im liking this alot. The sounds move from left to right and the the beat has a slight hesitation from the bassline hugging the the beat.

The beginning of this release was on a slightly trippy, yet straightforeward minimal techno vibe. But due to the latter tracks, this was worth my time.


Sobamonk- Minimize EP

1. Out of sync: I like this track alot! Nice melody. the choice on drums for this track are pretty good. And overall, this is a perfect track to spin in a small lounge.

2. Minimize: This track has an intresting bell sample that slowly fades out and leaves you with just the drums and bass. The entire arrangment is very catchy!

3. Raum Gem: Once again Sobamonk continues his tradition of funky basslines with catchy notes that bounce up and down as the beat lays down the foundation! I like how Sobamonk doesnt clutter up any of his songs.

4. Minimize (Rico Puestel Remix): The remix to the original sounds raw. Rico adds a more subby sounding kickdrum and just leaves you with that and some fancy hi hat placements and tripped out sfx.

5. Out of sync (Santiago Matzerath's Petit Remix) Santiago makes the reworking of this sound kinda tribal with usage from the bongos and including a smooth rolling bassline that makes this track sound like a sexy, more loungy kind of tech-house joint.I like how This tracks melody moves from side to side instead of straight up and down.


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