Thursday, October 15, 2009

Alex Q- Wake Up EP [NORE-013]

This was released back in 07' and seems to be a very promising EP for those into Dub Techno music.

There is one thing I must make clear about this EP though.... I like the EP, but feel the second track "Park Bench Stories" does not fit in the release. It just sounds like electronic music doodlings that tries to come off a 'kinda minimal techno-ish' vibe. But all the rest of the tracks off this release are spectacular, and great for a cafe' environment setting! All tracks (but the one I strongly felt that it shouldnt have been on the EP) are very mellow, and create a headnob atmospheric sense of ambience to them. Its hard finding dub techno tracks that are quite melodic due to alot of artists using ambiant samples and just droning the whole environment with very bold bass that screams through the mix of the track.

Download it here:

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