Monday, October 12, 2009

DJ J.Fever Presents: Dubtronica Sessions Podcast

I just finished recording a brand new mix that is up on my podcast that all of you can check out! The mix features some minimal techno, mixed with some ambient house, deep techno, and some dubtronica of course!

Every mix I do is around 58 minutes long (so it can possibly be burned to disc) , and is immedietly mastered by me. I do all the engineering (recording the mix and making sure everything sounds fine throughout the mix while also adding live SFX, etc...) and the mastering (normalising the whole mix so you wont have to turn the music up or down as the mix is being played on your earbuds, speakers,etc. ) . This takes atleast an extra 30 to 40 minutes to do after the mix is finished. I mix all the tracks live using my CDJ's (Stanton C.324's) and using a DJ software that is free to use for all called Mixxx (google it,its worth it!) I dont do any cheat mixing' (adding SFX over bad mixes, going back and re-editing how I mixed a certain track.) Long story short.... This podcast is very proffesional sounding!!


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